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Monday, July 31, 2006

Extension of things

I occasionaly make myself go down off the web to give it a break. I also had a migraine headache which overwhelmed my life last week.

I have been speaking on the phone with the gentlemen in Nashville with the bike. We talked for 4 hours on the first night ( a record, I understand, for both of us). I only talked with him during the headache (which, I admit, I did not reveal). I hope to have the opportunity to talk with him without a headache. Once again we have very different schedules, but quite a bit in commmon. A scary amount in common.

I still have not had any outgoing choices on the site. I reset the counter to zero and keep waiting. I have had a total of 2 winks thus far, but I still have not decided how to handle anything yet.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Watching.......Reset to Zero

Once again, I am not putting anything else out there. I just actively look at who has veiwed me and reset the thing to zero. No one new is looking either.


I keep trying to connect with a man in Nashville. Our work schedules are in his words "bent". I am now (after tomorrow) through with summer school. I can free myself up. We also are having real trouble connecting on-line. He gave me his phone through an email. I was going to give him mine this morning before he even gave me his. Weird. Like minds?


This whole thing makes me feel 20 years younger. I was talking to Ms B., I sound like a teenage with a crush. "Well, I got hear his voice on his answering machine." She is just giggling. I guess that I am easily amused. Either that or the fact that he is EXTREMLY good-looking ("That's Hot." as Paris Hilton would say). Could I hope for a date soon? I really could look good on a bike.

Then what about that date? I promise I will be totally me. Will he be the type to smile and grab my hand as we walk? I want to laugh and have fun. I really need the break......

I am too easily amused. An 18 month year old was trying to break into a classroom and I laughed so hard..........I need adult company.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

trying to connect and why?

As per last post, i have not actively winked or email anyone new. I have been trying to connect with a man in Nashville. Unfortunatly, he has entirely different hours than me so we keep missing each other. I hope to chat with him later on this week when I actually have a few days off.

It will be interesting to note, why people actually signed up for the service. Questions like....Do your friends know, and if so, what are their opinions? How many people actually respond to your own advances, emails, and winks? How many people ultimately, have you actually met face to face?

We all have our reasons to stay in the game. At this point, everyone anywhere near my age has a story. I can't imagine that men come with absolutely no baggage. We won't even go toward speaking about expectation levels. What do people expect?

Well, what do i expect? Honesty, openess, humor, and fun. Real people who are in this world and aware. Other people who enjoy some of my interests and are interested in sharing. I guess working with young children, sharing is the biggest, most important relationship tool I actually practice. Communication.

I wish my online picture actually did me justice. Ms. B calls it my creepy cat lady picture. Those overalls have seen better days, in fact, are dead. Darwina is just a real pretty kitty. The man in Nashville has some HOT pictures on line, not to mention the ones he has sent me via email. Maybe Ms.B is right....I should take a few more flattering pictures.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Watching and Waiting

This watching and waiting game that seems to be going on the site is very interesting. I think for the next week I am going to just see who is watching me. I will admit that some guys I wink at do actually look at my profile. But all I got picture wise is "the creepy catlady picture" my friend Brittany hates. I dressed up today to take a picture, but never got to it.

I have been emailing a man from Nashville with a motorcycle. He mentioned he might want to come down to Jack Daniels and take the tour. That would be fun. I have always wanted to be a tour guide there. I told myself last year I would apply after the end of this pumpkin season.

I will keep you up to date on any developments and encourage questions. gives a 3 day free thing. Check out the people and profiles and then give me a comment.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Givin' Props

I have noticed that I have been negative and angry at my experience. I am ordinarily not a negative person. So I have to take a minute to give up some props to those who deserve it.

My first real response, was from a nice guy who had just moved to the area. He was lonely for his old friends and looking to meet people. He was the one who introduced me to Yahoo IM.
It is, I must say, pretty cool, to real time chat with someone quite a few miles away from you.
We still chat in the evening, but our schedules are too screwy right now to really hook up.

I also have been chatting with this other man from across the country. He is actually living near the Pacific Coast. His first language in not English. He seems nice, but that language thing is kinda funky. I don't really speak English. I speak American Country with a Tennessee twang.

My last response was from a guy whose profile matches what my son wants to be when he is my age. He suggested I look for a chef/musician. Weird. He seems nice and at least I will know I will eat if we meet (its the simple things with me, always simple). He also has a bike. I could look good on a bike.

I am also, for lack of a better word, harrassing another man. His whole profile prompted me to actually start this blog. He won't even give me a no. NO would be nice. I hate just being blown off. I can handle disappointment, rejection, and leave me the Hell alone. I just would like the courtesy of an answer.

Courtesy, I guess that is what our planet and society has lost. Where is the excuse me or please?
Isn't that one of the first things we learn when we get to school?

God, Help us all.

Saturday, July 15, 2006


Winks: a way of getting others to notice that you have noticed their profile and might like to chat with you.

This is strictly my definition. Sometimes you just don't know how to start a conversation. I am a woman, I shouldn't have to worry about a "pick up line" (even online). At least with a wink, there is no expectation of a real response. Just a simple yes or no.

I have winked a several HUNDRED men members on Only a handful have actually responded. Most of those were no, thanks. You know what? That's okay, at least that's honest and real. It is also a simple mouse click. Really, have we gotten that lazy and that rude?

Then there's been no winks from anyone to me. That's okay, too, I suppose. I can deal with it. But isn't that what the "wink" was designed to do? Even in the person to person world, a wink can mean lots of things. I wink at a friend of mine just to let him know that it's okay, cool like the

Once again, I lament: WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU MEN?

What the f@#$ is up?

First up, know that I started the thing out of bordem. I sit in front of a computer while a group of 3/4 year olds sleep. I have to do SOMETHING to stay awake. I stumbled upon the site through an ad. I joined so that I could have access to the whole site and recieve email.

That was a month ago.............................

Now, I have visited the site almost daily since (I have had some lapse, computer down at home for a week). I have sent " winks" to several HUNDRED men, most of which do not even bother to check me out. (you see, you can see who has veiwed your profile) So I started sending "winks" to men who checked out my profile, thinking that, they already looked, maybe they would like to chat or email. Most of those men, do NOT even respond.

What is up? What is wrong with you men? You joined a web site to meet women, to talk via the internet. You MIGHT decide one day to have dinner. Not every woman is looking for that happy ending. There are some who just want to meet new people and spend some time with a person who they feel has some kind of similarity to them. Spend some time outside of their safe world.

I can't believe you MEN. Some of you out there have to have some BALLS. Step up and take a chance and enjoy life. Change, sponteinety, and excitement keep a person young and healthy. It's people who don't embrace life that don't enjoy the world. There is too much negativity in the world, why perpetuate it more by playing it SAFE on the internet. There are ways to keep things safe. Just don't stifle your potiential.

Okay, now that I have had a RANT on the men. I am willing to accept that my profile on this site is extremely flawed. I guess I was trying to be too honest (my worst flaw) and too wordy (keep it simple stupid : KISS). My picture is not that flattering to my actually personage. I can honestly say I could care less about the picture. The descriptions are also forced. I don't know what else to say. I really thought someone would respond and we would email/chat and get to know each other better.

again I ask.........................................